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Make-up Classes and Programs

Make-up Artistry Programs and Courses

At Make-Up Designory (MUD), students learn in an inspiring, supportive environment. Classes typically blend lectures and demonstrations with lab work and assignments, to take you from research and casting to a professional photo shoot. All of our dedicated, trained teachers draw upon at least five years of experience in a diverse range of make-up fields. Whatever path you choose, we’ve been there. We can help you get there too. MUD programs and courses are designed to teach a wide range of practical and specialized skills, including make-up artistry and hairstyling, as well as character make-up and special make-up effects based upon the latest techniques used in the industry. Learn to apply prosthetics, study the art of make-up and hairstyling for television, film, print, the runway or create memorable looks for special occasions, the choice is yours and the options are plenty..

Programs at MUD

MUD programs are designed to provide comprehensive training that are 12-24 weeks long in all aspects of the appropriate career fields in:

// Fashion Make-up Artistry

// Film and Television Make-up Artistry

// Multimedia Make-up Artistry / GE Disclosures: LA / NYC

// Master Make-up Artistry / GE Disclosures: LA / NYC

Individual Courses

Individual courses offer students the option to take select courses of study that will best help them reach their occupational goals. These 3-6 week courses include:

// Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up

// Beauty 201:Studio Hairstyling for the Make-up Artist

// Beauty 301: Beauty Lab

// Special Make-up Effects 201: Character Make-up

// Special Make-up Effects 301:Lab Techniques