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Beauty 301: Beauty Lab

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This course prepares students for work in their selected fields of study through a series of challenging, real-world projects. Students will be required to complete make-up and hairstyle setups on professional models for a series of photo shoots, which are designed to simulate actual working environments.

Each setup will be captured digitally by a professional photographer, for the student to use in his or her portfolio. In addition to photo shoots, students will learn how to start and manage their freelance careers.

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Business Unit

  •  Properly budget for class and projects
  •  Properly plan goals
  •  Properly goal map individual careers
  • Properly complete a make-up and hair assignments
  • Identify the ins and outs of working with quality photographers and will be able to test and get prints.
  • Properly plan for working with agencies.
  • Understanding photo shoot schedules
  •  Create, write, and/or draw several ideas for a fashion story.

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Studio Unit

  • Properly do touch ups and working with and near the photographer
  • Create, design and execute eight photo shoots
  • Create a promo card
  • Identify pictures for his or her portfolio.
  • Identify a portfolio that is right for their budgets and properly maintain and prepare a portfolio.

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Marketing Unit

  • Define the meaning of freelancing in the entertainment industry and know the techniques to be a successful freelancer.
  • Identify a good resume and write an effective
  • communication to an employer
  • Write and apply previously written elements to their personal websites.
  • Interview properly


Please note this course is an advanced level course with prerquisites. Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course. Individual courses taken on a stand-alone basis are not accredited by ACCSC. In addition, students taking stand-alone courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid and some other services that are offered to students and graduates of larger programs. Please contact us for more information.